2 Trio Nété, Guitar Trio

Trio Nētē


Ďusi Burmeč
He studied guitar at the Conservatory of Kroměříž in the class of prof. Josef Švéda. Then he continued in his studies at the Academy of Music in Prague with prof. Milan Zelenka. From 1994 to 1999 he was a member of the well known music band "Jablkoň", featuring in two CDs. He cooperated also with other outstanding musicians in the scene of the Czech alternative music.


Petra Schwarz Galasová
was born in Zábřeh, Czech Republic. She studied at the Janáček Conservatory and Gymnasium in Ostrava in the class of Bohumila Kunzova. In 2014, she finished her studies at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava with prof. Jozef Zsapka. She attended actively the masterclasses of Pavel Steidl, Štěpán Rak, Krzysztof Pelech and others. She performed in the Czech Radio and the Czech Television, in the National Theatre in Prague and at many concerts and festivals together with handicapped children. Since 2013, Petra has been leading her class at the Conservatory in Olomouc, Czech Republic. She led her guitar class at the Conservatory in Olomouc from 2013 to 2015. In 2013, Petra Schwarz Galasová substituted Anna Slezáková in the formation of Trio Nété.


Vlastimil Flajšingr
Born in Zlín, Czech Republic, where Jaromír Konečný was his first teacher. During his studies at the Conservatory in Pardubice with prof. Stanislav Juřica he attended masterclasses with Roberto Aussel, Carlo Marchione and other distinguished artists. Besides playing chamber music he devotes his efforts also to the pedagogical activity. He is the chairman of the festival series "Guitar Zlín - International Concerts in the Atrium".


. . .


"The same reasons apply to their use of other numbers, which were ranked according to certain powers. Things that had a beginning, middle and end, they [the Pythagoreans] denoted by the number Three, saying that anything that has a middle is triform, which was applied to every perfect thing. They said that if anything was perfect it would make use of this principle and be adorned, according to it; and as they had no other name for it, they invented the form Triad; and whenever they tried to bring us to the knowledge of what is perfect they led us to that by the form of this Triad."
Porphyry, The Life of Pythagoras 51








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